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The new digital virtual reality world can help the real world – sustainabilit-i is the key!

After two years in development, PRESi - the greatest gift to be launched into the Appmosphere will soon be available FREE to download from the App Store! Become More Efficient With Your Time We are all looking for ways to save money, to use … [Read more]

Join the new world order of “inline shopping”

With the release of PRESi you will be able to complete the entire shopping and 3D gifting experience all in one simple, linear process where you can shop for a gift, send it to anyone globally and they can receive it and unwrap it, instantly! Gift … [Read more]

How about a bit of fun “r-i-tail” therapy!

As the exciting countdown continues to the launch of PRESi - the greatest gift into the Appmosphere, there's no better time to do a bit of new, fun and exciting digital r-i-tail therapy! It's Now Easier Than Ever! Yes, the rapid increase in the use … [Read more]

Smartphones and tablets enhance online shopping with “i-Convenience”

  A New Digital Experience For Shoppers The exponential increase in the use of smartphones and computer tablets like the iPad have created a whole new and exciting digital shopping world where the the range of applications have only just … [Read more]

Instant global transactions to improve your online shopping experience – a shift to “i-Commerce”

  Improving Your Productivity The first article of this series talks about why many people are time poor and are seeking ways to get back their i-Time. One way to do this is to use technology to complete the daily tasks like shopping at less … [Read more]

Some simple ways to improve your online shopping experience during your daily commute and get more “i Time”

  Let The Countdown Begin If You Are Time Poor, Online Shopping During Public Transport Commuting Downtime Offers a Time Efficient Alternative to Give Back Time For You - Let's Call it "i Time" With increasing work commitments, daily chores … [Read more]

So what can you send as your PRESi virtual gift?

With PRESi, the sky is the limit with what you would like to send as your virtual gift. You may want to send a PRESi of a trip or holiday that you have planned. Maybe let someone special know that you will be flying over to see them - whatever … [Read more]

PRESi – the worlds most exciting 3D virtual gifting app!

PRESi - the app that gives back will be tested by a range of people from different backgrounds, ages and diverse abilities to ensure that it will deliver the best and easiest to use virtual gifting experience available! Thanks to universal design … [Read more]

PRESi to launch the fun of virtual gifting into the Appmosphere ….. virtually!

PRESi is in the final development phase and then will approach the countdown to be launched into the Appmosphere to enable your virtual gifting experience to be rocketed sky high with 3D graphics capability and world leading software technology … [Read more]

How is virtual gifting and PRESi going to help me?

Do you like saving time and money? Virtual gifting will become an increasingly popular and time and cost effective way to share gifts with people you love, care about as friends, work with, or just network with via social networks such as Facebook … [Read more]