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Smartphones and tablets enhance online shopping with “i-Convenience”


A New Digital Experience For Shoppers

Smart Phone UseThe exponential increase in the use of smartphones and computer tablets like the iPad have created a whole new and exciting digital shopping world where the the range of applications have only just scratched the surface in terms of future possibilities.

Going beyond the current trends of why people use smartphones while shopping, now you can shop, snap, wrap and send gifts easily just using your iPhone or iPad using the PRESi app as your virtual gifting tool!

Shopping Globally

With access to global shops now in your pocket that can be accessed just about anywhere and anytime, people are realising that they can do their shopping and gifting online at times that are more convenient to their particular daily schedules.

Smartphones have created pocket access to the internet and to the IT world of possibilities so that’s why this new world of flexible instant online shopping and gifting has created greater “i-Convenience.”

You are no longer restricted to organising yourself around store or bank opening times, in fact the opposite is now becoming a reality. Retailers now recognise that they need to offer the flexibility in service and product delivery that online shopping offers consumers, if they are to remain a sustainable and viable operation into the future.

Shop When You Want, Where You Want

The beauty of “i Convenience” is that everything revolves around “you” and your needs – now you don’t have to change your life to suit everyone else and their needs! Put the power of your iPhone or iPad to work to help give you more choice, freedom with your shopping or gifting experience and get back your “i Time” – now that should bring a smile to your dial!

Shopping On Your MobileWith a few simple steps once you download the exciting 3D PRESi app from the App Store – just Snap, Wrap and Send your online purchases to share the simple things in life that are the best, the enjoyment of giving to others that you care about and in doing so, giving back to the community through the app that gives back!

Enjoy the fun and the new i-Convenience that instant online shopping and gifting brings!


Instant global transactions to improve your online shopping experience – a shift to “i-Commerce”


Improving Your Productivity

The first article of this series talks about why many people are time poor and are seeking ways to get back their i-Time. One way to do this is to use technology to complete the daily tasks like shopping at less traditional times, such as online shopping during your commuting time.

The old days of paying for items that you have purchased via cheque which can take up to five business days to clear and then waiting for your goods to arrive by snail mail are long gone.

world transportation shipment

In today’s fast moving world people need immediate or instant global transactions.

Technology Makes Life Easier

instant global transactionsDue to increasing pressures on our time, people are using technology to find new ways to shop and new ways to stay connected with family and friends.

Paying electronically for goods and services (ie e-Commerce) is only one part of the equation as traditional delivery methods still take time.

People need immediate, instant complete transactions between family and friends around the world and we call that “i-Commerce”.

Embrace The Digital World

The new 3D virtual reality digital age will enable people to enjoy their online shopping experience with the convenience of instant and more cost and resource efficient transactions.

When 3D PRESi is launched on the App Store, you will be able to shop and pay online for a gift such as a retail shopping voucher or to purchase an adventurous experience (ie through, or a night out at a restaurant (via the restaurant of your choice or via Groupon, Our Deal etc.), you can wrap it, add a personal message, send it to anyone around the world and they can receive it, unwrap it and enjoy your gift INSTANTLY!

It also enhances your online shopping experience if you feel that your financial details will be secure. The development of online payment systems like PayPal enables people to register their details and then this method of payment just requires a log in process, as opposed to constantly providing credit card numbers or sensitive financial information online.

You Can Download The App For Free

To further enhance your online shopping experience, the PRESi app will soon be available to download from the App Store and tried out for free to let you experience the fun of virtual gifting before any financial transaction is made.

Presi AppThere are packages available from just 0.99 cents (AUD) which enables the purchase of combined wraps, ribbons and message cards through your existing App Store account.

Just use the credit that you have available in your PRESi account to send multiple gifts. This online alternative saves you time, money and the hassle of having to make additional single purchases to wrap and send gifts.

There are more simple tips to come leading up to the exciting launch of PRESi, designed to enhance your online shopping experience!


Some simple ways to improve your online shopping experience during your daily commute and get more “i Time”


Let The Countdown Begin

If You Are Time Poor, Online Shopping During Public Transport Commuting Downtime Offers a Time Efficient Alternative to Give Back Time For You – Let’s Call it “i Time”

time poorWith increasing work commitments, daily chores and running around being the taxi driver for the kids for their weekday and weekend commitments, it’s no wonder that many of us feel increasingly time poor.

What this can mean is less time for you, less time to relax and unwind from your daily stresses which can end up affecting your health!

What you need is more “iTime” and there are some simple ways that you can achieve this!

You are probably thinking,how the hell can I possibly squeeze anything else into my day?

Well I bet that many people don’t realise just how easy it is to make the most of some down time that could be put to good use and give you back that precious iTime!

With advances in technology, there are now exciting opportunities to be able to use “wasted time” – let me explain how!

Now I know this will not apply to everyone, but a significant part of many of our weekdays is commuting on public transport to work, especially for those that live in larger cities.

My commuting time on the train is one and a half hours each way which accounts for three hours each week day or 15 hours per week. Yes, sometimes I need to have a little rest after a busy day, but to save boredom and help the travel time pass more quickly, I need to use this time to do something that interests me.

You Can Connect Almost Anywhere

pocket wifiNow we have wireless “Bluetooth” and portable “WiFi” technology on our smartphones, tablets and notebooks that allow us to access the internet just about anywhere and at anytime day or night.

All that you need is a device like a “Pocket WiFi” to help you connect which are available at most IT and phone retail outlets with access plans becoming more competitive and affordable everyday.

Even if you don’t have a portable WiFi device or you cannot afford one, many public transit stations, restaurants, hotels etc. offer “free hotspots” where you can connect your WiFi enabled device to the internet for free!

Get connected, get online while commuting to do your online shopping, check your emails or even work on setting up another business and get your time back – your iTime!

Now you can use this time more effectively and you’ll be absolutely amazed how time flies when you are having fun! In fact, to prove my point, I have created and uploaded this entire blog to my website during my one and a half hour commute on the train home and believe me, I am no IT tech wizard. So if I can do it, you can too!

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