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About the PRESi Team

Grant Collins – PRESident

PRESident of the PRESi AppGrant has the drive and ambition to lead the development of PRESi from the dream of virtual gifting concept to a multi-national success story. With a passion for philanthropy Grant created PRESi to be the first of its kind: “The app that gives back” with a percentage of profits gifted to selected charitable causes.

Grant is passionate about universal design and making a leading contribution to a more sustainable future in Australia, so that’s why PRESi will be fun and easy for everyone to use and share!

“I enjoy lighting the fire of new ideas and watching them take hold. With my friends at Buzinga Mobile App Development PRESi will be the world’s most successful gifting app.”

Grant loves a healthy lifestyle and is determined to live life to its full potential with the philosophy to Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

Amanda Collins – CO-Founder

Amanda has extensive management and co-ordination experience working with multi-disciplinary teams of people of all ages and levels of ability. Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and organisational skills to the team with a passion for project management and the ability to simultaneously manage complex tasks that require dedication to detail in order to achieve successful results.

Amanda has strong creative abilities which will help inspire and inform the development of PRESi as it continues to spread around the world.

Logan Merrick – Marketing Manager

Logan is what some would call a Serial-Developer. Having been involved in the development and marketing of countless mobile applications he authored the book “The Top 10 Key Factors To Developing A Successful Mobile App”.

He is able to quickly identify the possibilities for utilising the latest design and functionality concepts for an app idea to increasing the potential for user engagement, monetization and marketing, adding value to the whole project. Logan continues to develop mobile applications and helping others grow their success in mobile app development through Buzinga Mobile App Development.

“There is an exact science to successful apps and where people go wrong isn’t necessarily just the idea, but how the app is monetized, shared and marketed.”

Logan heads our Game Development and Marketing departments and works closely with our clients to build a tailored marketing plan to maximize the potential of their app.

He’s been featured in Digital Marketing Monthly Magazine, iPhoneLife Magazine, KabirNews and more.

Graham McCorkill – Project Manager

Graham is the Managing Director and Head Project Manager at Buzinga Mobile App Development.

Graham has over 25 years business development, project management, mobile app development, marketing and management roles with a number of private and public companies, being integral to their success. Graham is a User Interface Expert and has been the project leader for the design, installation and ongoing development of the in-house and/or online systems in each of these organisations.

“I have always loved cutting edge technology and the way it can revolutionise the way we approach many of the tasks in our everyday business and private lives – so long as it is implemented in a practical and easy-to-use way.”

“Ever since I bought my first iPhone, I have been obsessed with how mobile apps have the potential to simplify and ‘funify’ so many things…I believe we have only just begun to scratch the surface of the potential of the app market. The best ideas are still out there!”

As you can imagine, Graham takes the lead on all enterprise and utility app projects and has added incredible value to all of the existing apps on the app store or in development.