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Real-Time Virtual Gifting, Anywhere, Anytime!

Today marks a day in history. Why?

Well, we have all bought something online, right? And we all know that it’s a cheaper and more hassle-free process than going from store-to-store looking for what you really want.  The only problem is…

“How Do You Gift A Virtual Present?”

Yes, we all know the answer by now (all at once) ‘PRESi | Bringing back the gift of giving’ – well done 😉

giving at a distance - the perfect presentSo what makes today such an incredible day?

Today we incorporated a whole new range of gift wraps, inside PRESi, and absolutely FREE to download to see if you like sharing a few PRESies with your friends!

That’s pretty exciting alright.

And with every PRESi that is Snapped, Wrapped And Sent a percentage of the profits go straight to the months nominated charity.

Now that’s an app worth using!

Virtually Gifting Online Coupon Vouchers

I’m a big fan of online coupon vouchers and last year, for Valentine’s Day, I bought my partner and I a romantic Hot Air Balloon trip over the city of Melbourne.

“Red Balloon, Our Deal, Groupon or & PRESi App = Great Gift For Any Occasion!”

I remember grinding my teeth with excitement giving her the bits of paper that represented her present.

Admittedly, the delivery could have been a lot smoother, if I had used PRESi to deliver the present. It would have been as easy as to Snap take a screenshot of the tickets, Wrap the present in the Valentine’s Day themed wrapping and Send to her iPhone or iPad.

With PRESi, gifting has become so much better.Gift Wrap

So, what are you getting your Valentine this year?

Feel Twice As Good Every Time You Give…

Everyone knows by now that PRESi was set up to forward a percentage of the profits to nominated charities. (Get it, “The App That Gives Back.”)

“Giving Once Means Giving Twice.” – Grant Collins

The PRESi team performs stringent due-diligence tests on all applicable Giving online has never been so easy with PRESicharities to  find the most urgent cause every month. And we think that’s pretty exciting.

So when you send a PRESi, the present goes to your friend and a percentage of the proceeds go to a worthy Charity. So you can feel twice as good every time you Snap,Wrap & Send!

Send a PRESi today 😀