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Amazing 3D PRESi animation to enhance the fun and enjoyment of virtual gifting!

My development team and colleagues at Buzinga Apps have raised the bar to create something very special with PRESi to enhance the virtual gifting experience and fun for everyone who enjoys purchasing, sending and receiving products and gifts … [Read more]

Universal Design and why it is vital to PRESi, virtual gifting and everyday life!

The concept of universal design (UD) was founded by Ron Mace and has been embraced by innovators, designers, planners, educators and many leading corporations and governments around the world as a more logical and sustainable approach to product and … [Read more]

PRESi to add universal design to virtual gifting!

PRESi will have universal design features to make it easier for everyone to use! PRESi will help lead the way in apps that incorporate universal design to make it useable by all people, from different age groups, backgrounds and diverse … [Read more]

PRESi – Favourite sayings relating to virtual gifting or giving back – Add yours!

You make a living by what you get... You make a life by what you give! (Sir Winston Churchill) PRESi -  the app that gives back through the magic of virtual gifting will soon enable you to give a special gift to your family, friends or work mates, … [Read more]

Mystery PRESi Competition Clue!

Do you want a bit of mystery in your life? Some great guesses for the mystery PRESi have been sent in to - but no winners yet, so it's time for the next clue. The mystery PRESi features in an animated movie … [Read more]

Mystery PRESi competition!

Guess what's inside the PRESi to WIN! Leading up to the launch of  PRESi (the world's most fun and advanced virtual gifting App) on the App store very soon, if you can guess exactly what present is inside the PRESi box, you will win a FREE e-Book … [Read more]

Real-Time Virtual Gifting, Anywhere, Anytime!

Today marks a day in history. Why? Well, we have all bought something online, right? And we all know that it’s a cheaper and more hassle-free process than going from store-to-store looking for what you really want.  The only problem is… “How Do … [Read more]

Virtually Gifting Online Coupon Vouchers

I’m a big fan of online coupon vouchers and last year, for Valentine’s Day, I bought my partner and I a romantic Hot Air Balloon trip over the city of Melbourne. "Red Balloon, Our Deal, Groupon or & PRESi App = Great Gift For … [Read more]

Feel Twice As Good Every Time You Give…

Everyone knows by now that PRESi was set up to forward a percentage of the profits to nominated charities. (Get it, “The App That Gives Back.”) "Giving Once Means Giving Twice." - Grant Collins The PRESi team performs stringent due-diligence tests … [Read more]