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PRESi – The App That Gives Back

PRESi is the new and exciting virtual gifting app for iPhone! We all have loved ones overseas or interstate. PRESi closes the gap and brings people together!

Grant CollinsPRESi stands for Presents Received Electronically or Sent via the Internet and represents the concept of virtual gifting on mobile telecommunication

Founded on 5 April 2012 in Sydney, Australia, PRESi is an innovative company lead by Founder and President Grant Collins.

With skills drawn from all corners of Australia, Grant Collins partnered with the Melbourne based Mobile App Developer Buzinga.

PRESi has made the dream of Virtual Gifting into a Reality and we think that’s pretty cool. Did we mention it’s FREE to download from the App Store to see if you like sending and receiving PRESies?

Click Here To Watch The Japanese Version On YouTube

If you do like it and want to keep sending PRESies to all of your family, friends or workmates,  then you can choose from a range of very affordable PRESi packages from just 0.99 cents to $4.99.

No gimmicks, you download the PRESi app for free to try it out, if you like it you can choose to buy more, if you don’t, just enjoy sending the few free trial PRESies to see if your family or friends enjoy unwrapping their virtual gift on their iPhone, iPod or iPad and it costs you nothing!