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The new digital virtual reality world can help the real world – sustainabilit-i is the key!

After two years in development, PRESi – the greatest gift to be launched into the Appmosphere will soon be available FREE to download from the App Store!

Sustainabilit-iBecome More Efficient With Your Time

We are all looking for ways to save money, to use technology to save us time, to do things more efficiently.

With the many advances in digital virtual reality and instant technologies there is now a new world that offers endless and f exciting opportunities that go well beyond traditional thought and sustainable practices. It’s what we like to call a new world of “sustainabilit-i”.

Let me explain. With the creation of instant and complete i-commerce global transactions, a number of dramatic efficiencies are now possible.

Access To The Global Gift Market

By shopping online people have far greater access to the global marketplace and the purchase of products and services from retailers that offer the very best value and you don’t have to spend on expensive transport and delivery costs- that saves you money!

Help The Environment

By not having to use your car by shopping online that helps to reduce the use of fuels and resources that were traditionally used driving from place to place and all of the associated costs with retail infrastructure that will increasingly not be as necessary in the future. That helps to save the environment.

By using technology to shop at anytime that suits you that will often be outside standard business operating hours that can fill your downtime or commuting time as outlined in my previous blog – that saves you time and gives you back your me time!

Giving Back To The Community

By using your purchases to also help “give back” to charitable causes and to those who need it most. This also helps to sustain the community and do our bit when time to volunteer in other ways to help community causes is becoming more difficult due to increasing demands on our time.


Apps like PRESi now make it possible to do your gifting more efficiently and affordably than ever while still giving back to the community and to worthy charitable causes.

PRESi will soon be launched into the APPmosphere so enjoy the new world of giving to your family and friends while also giving back to the community!

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