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Real-Time Virtual Gifting, Anywhere, Anytime!

Today marks a day in history. Why?

Well, we have all bought something online, right? And we all know that it’s a cheaper and more hassle-free process than going from store-to-store looking for what you really want.  The only problem is…

“How Do You Gift A Virtual Present?”

Yes, we all know the answer by now (all at once) ‘PRESi | Bringing back the gift of giving’ – well done 😉

giving at a distance - the perfect presentSo what makes today such an incredible day?

Today we incorporated a whole new range of gift wraps, inside PRESi, and absolutely FREE to download to see if you like sharing a few PRESies with your friends!

That’s pretty exciting alright.

And with every PRESi that is Snapped, Wrapped And Sent a percentage of the profits go straight to the months nominated charity.

Now that’s an app worth using!