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So what can you send as your PRESi virtual gift?

With PRESi, the sky is the limit with what you would like to send as your virtual gift.

You may want to send a PRESi of a trip or holiday that you have planned. Maybe let someone special know that you will be flying over to see them – whatever the gift, whatever the size, PRESi has you covered – virtually!

PRESi can wrap and send your dream holiday destinations – as a hint or as a “guess where we’re going” surprise!!

Now you can wrap those things that you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t.

Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the exciting possibilities, both now and into the future!

Do you think it would be fun to send a PRESi that wraps your new car in style?

Well now you can!

Well how about something even BIGGER! PRESi can wrap and send anything you can imagine!

Let’s use PRESi for your tinny run about ……. to your luxury race about  – now wouldn’t that be cool!

What else can I send as a PRESi – let’s look closer to home shall we!

Yep, now you can even gift wrap and send your dream home!

Well you probably found it online so why not wrap it up as a special PRESi to celebrate your exciting news with your Facebook pals!

What about other online shopping – what else can I send in my PRESi?

Well here’s just a few other ideas….

If the “devil wears Prada” – then he would be wrapped in PRESi!

How about an exciting way to wrap and send all of your vouchers!

All you need is a voucher number or bar code and you could redeem your voucher when you unwrap your PRESi – right from your phone or iPad!

iphone amazon voucher

With PRESi, all of your gift voucher needs are taken care of… style!

So when you download PRESi – the app that gives back, very soon from the App Store, the world is full of endless PRESi-bilities!

PRESi to launch the fun of virtual gifting into the Appmosphere ….. virtually!

PRESi is in the final development phase and then will approach the countdown to be launched into the Appmosphere to enable your virtual gifting experience to be rocketed sky high with 3D graphics capability and world leading software technology to launch the fun and enjoyment of shopping and gifting online to a whole new and exciting level!

PRESi launchWhen PRESi hits the App store you’d better get ready for some serious virtual gifting fun!

We intend to remain at the very cutting edge of virtual gifting technology that will keep the surprises coming and bring a BIG smile to your dial and everyone who is lucky enough to receive a PRESi that you have sent them!

To realise the POWER OF THE DREAM – PRESi will help your virtual gifting dreams to become a reality – but you’d better hold on tight for the wild and exciting ride, we will be launching your virtual gifting experience into the Appmosphere very soon! 

innovation is not static


Virtually Gifting Online Coupon Vouchers

I’m a big fan of online coupon vouchers and last year, for Valentine’s Day, I bought my partner and I a romantic Hot Air Balloon trip over the city of Melbourne.

“Red Balloon, Our Deal, Groupon or & PRESi App = Great Gift For Any Occasion!”

I remember grinding my teeth with excitement giving her the bits of paper that represented her present.

Admittedly, the delivery could have been a lot smoother, if I had used PRESi to deliver the present. It would have been as easy as to Snap take a screenshot of the tickets, Wrap the present in the Valentine’s Day themed wrapping and Send to her iPhone or iPad.

With PRESi, gifting has become so much better.Gift Wrap

So, what are you getting your Valentine this year?

Feel Twice As Good Every Time You Give…

Everyone knows by now that PRESi was set up to forward a percentage of the profits to nominated charities. (Get it, “The App That Gives Back.”)

“Giving Once Means Giving Twice.” – Grant Collins

The PRESi team performs stringent due-diligence tests on all applicable Giving online has never been so easy with PRESicharities to  find the most urgent cause every month. And we think that’s pretty exciting.

So when you send a PRESi, the present goes to your friend and a percentage of the proceeds go to a worthy Charity. So you can feel twice as good every time you Snap,Wrap & Send!

Send a PRESi today 😀