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How about a bit of fun “r-i-tail” therapy!

As the exciting countdown continues to the launch of PRESi – the greatest gift into the Appmosphere, there’s no better time to do a bit of new, fun and exciting digital r-i-tail therapy!

It’s Now Easier Than Ever!

virtual gifting is hereYes, the rapid increase in the use of iPhone’s, iPad’s and other smartphones has opened up a whole new online shopping world for your hit of r-i-tail therapy which you can enjoy at your leisure or during your recr-i-ation time!

So why not share the new wave of online shopping and virtual gifting with your Facebook friends and hey, with our busy lives we all need a bit of r-i-tail therapy now and again eh!

Gifts From Around The World At Your Finger Tips

The beauty of online r-i-tail therapy and gifting is that you can literally have the world of shopping experiences in the palm of your hand!

Whenever you feel the need or if you want to brighten a friends day with an online virtual 3D PRESi, your new exciting world of online shopping bargains and 3D virtual gifting is only a click away when downloaded from the App Store!

Traditional Shopping Has Now Gone Virtual

The traditional retail therapy can still be stressful, particularly at the hectic Christmas time of year. Struggling against traffic to get a parking spot in overcrowded shopping malls, walking your heels off searching for those special gifts, the expensive costs associated with traditional gifting and the mailing of gifts to your family and friends around the world.

Sending GiftsWell now it can be much more relaxing with online shopping and gifting with the new PRESi app. Send a gift when and where it suits you and all in the comfort of your own home while sipping that favourite cappuccino!

The new digital online shopping and virtual gifting world will mean that you will spend a lot less wasted time fighting the crowds, a lot less money on unnecessary gifting and mailing costs.

Not to mention getting very stressed in the process, therefore allowing more time for the things in your life that are really important to you!

Now your shopping trolley and your post office can fit into your iPhone or iPad – a one stop shop, literally! Get the App here, Free Download.

How is virtual gifting and PRESi going to help me?

Do you like saving time and money?

Virtual gifting will become an increasingly popular and time and cost effective way to share gifts with people you love, care about as friends, work with, or just network with via social networks such as Facebook and in doing so through PRESi, also contributing something positive to help people who are less fortunate through the app that gives back!

It’s no secret that the use of the internet and buying products online is increasing at a rapid rate.

Add this to the fact that the sales of smartphones are increasing exponentially with the sales of tablets to soon overtake the sale of PCs , then you can safely say that the use of touch screen interface portable computing devices is a global trend gaining in popularity and momentum.

I developed PRESi to cater to these growing global demands and to provide a cost, time, resource and lifestyle efficient way to gifting in the new digital and virtual reality world.

People are becoming increasingly time poor and turning to online shopping because it can be done anytime, not just when the shops are open, and from the comfort of your own home rather than driving your car, with petrol and running costs increasing, with the goods delivered to your door.

PRESi is built on the  principle that gifting and showing someone that you care, wanting to reward them for a special achievement, or just wanting to share something fun with your growing list of Facebook contacts, can be quick, easy, more sustainable for the environment and inexpensive.

It will provide an alternative to driving to the shops, struggling to find a car park, spending hours trying to find what you want then buying wrapping, cards, ribbons which all adds up to quite an expensive and time consuming exercise. Why not let your smart phone or iPad take the hassle out of gift shopping and let your smartphone or iPad be your personal shopping assistant!

With PRESi, all you have to do is Snap (either take a picture yourself, choose from your smart device photo album or select an image via browsing the internet from an online purchase), Wrap (in 3 easy steps by selecting the wrapping, a ribbon and a message to attach to your 3D PRESi) & Send (with your Facebook and contacts lists synchronising with your PRESi app to help you keep track of upcoming special events and to seamlessly select and send them a PRESi.

The receiver will be notified that they have been sent a PRESi and when they have downloaded the free app (initially from the app store) then they will be able to enjoy the virtual, easy and fun unwrapping experience, again at a time and place that suits them.

So why not give it a try, PRESi is FREE to download and FREE to share with your family, friends and Facebook contacts to try it out. If you like it and your family and friends who receive their PRESi love it, then you can choose to purchase a range of very affordable PRESi packages from just 0.99 cents to just $4.99 with every purchase also giving back to the community and worthy charitable causes.

Even if you don’t like PRESi or have some great ideas about how we can improve it, we still value your comments and feedback so we can continue to make the PRESi experience easy, more convenient, intuitive, fun and enjoyable for all people with diverse abilities!


Universal Design and why it is vital to PRESi, virtual gifting and everyday life!

The concept of universal design (UD) was founded by Ron Mace and has been embraced by innovators, designers, planners, educators and many leading corporations and governments around the world as a more logical and sustainable approach to product and infrastructure design.

Universal design is “the design of products, environments and information systems to be useable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialised design.” (Centre for Universal Design, North Carolina State University).

The seven main principles of universal design are:

UD principles simple

PRESi embraces universal design to make it easier for all people with diverse abilities to use.

With your support, PRESi will also become known as the people’s app that gives back to worthy charitable causes and to the advancement of universal design knowledge and understanding in Australia.

PRESi to add universal design to virtual gifting!

PRESi will have universal design features to make it easier for everyone to use!

PRESi will help lead the way in apps that incorporate universal design to make it useable by all people, from different age groups, backgrounds and diverse abilities.

Features will include a user friendly interface design that makes it easier to use!

Universal Design With Universal Appeal!

PRESi will offer a range of log in capabilities and use popular social networking sites like Facebook that automatically uploads special occasion dates into the app, making it easy to know when to send your family, friends or workmates a PRESi to celebrate!

PRESi will use navigation buttons that are easy to see with colour contrast and larger text font that is easier for everyone to read.

PRESi will be fun, easy to use for all people and will be much more affordable and environmentally / socially sustainable than conventional gifting!

Mystery PRESi Competition Clue!

Do you want a bit of mystery in your life?

Some great guesses for the mystery PRESi have been sent in to – but no winners yet, so it’s time for the next clue.

The mystery PRESi features in an animated movie staring Tom Hanks – any guesses?

The first person to go to the PRESiApp Facebook site, add your like to the post and guess the mystery PRESi will win a FREE e-book from Buzinga Apps about the most important things you need to know about how to develop your own App!