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PRESi – Favourite sayings relating to virtual gifting or giving back – Add yours!

You make a living by what you get… You make a life by what you give! (Sir Winston Churchill)

PRESi –  the app that gives back through the magic of virtual gifting will soon enable you to give a special gift to your family, friends or work mates, while also giving back to the community and worthy charitable causes every month.

A little or large virtual PRESi can not only make someones day who receives your gift on their smartphone or iPad, but the added bonus is knowing that each gift that you give is helping to make a real and direct difference to worthy charitable causes.

We will start locally here in Australia, but it could grow globally – that’s the dream!

 Great things come in virtually any sized  package  – PRESi makes this possible!

If you have some great sayings relating to giving back, simply reply to this post and share your great ideas!


Mystery PRESi competition!

Guess what’s inside the PRESi to WIN!

Leading up to the launch of  PRESi (the world’s most fun and advanced virtual gifting App) on the App store very soon, if you can guess exactly what present is inside the PRESi box, you will win a FREE e-Book from Buzinga Apps.

The eBook will help you to build your very  own App – called “Getting Started With Your App – 10 Things Every App Developer Needs to Know.”

Like & reply to the Mystery PRESi competition post at with your guess for your chance to WIN!!

A clue will be added every week until someone WINS! Share this fun competition with your Facebook friends and GOOD LUCK!!

Feel Twice As Good Every Time You Give…

Everyone knows by now that PRESi was set up to forward a percentage of the profits to nominated charities. (Get it, “The App That Gives Back.”)

“Giving Once Means Giving Twice.” – Grant Collins

The PRESi team performs stringent due-diligence tests on all applicable Giving online has never been so easy with PRESicharities to  find the most urgent cause every month. And we think that’s pretty exciting.

So when you send a PRESi, the present goes to your friend and a percentage of the proceeds go to a worthy Charity. So you can feel twice as good every time you Snap,Wrap & Send!

Send a PRESi today 😀