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PRESi – the worlds most exciting 3D virtual gifting app!

Young Adults Testing PresiPRESi – the app that gives back will be tested by a range of people from different backgrounds, ages and diverse abilities to ensure that it will deliver the best and easiest to use virtual gifting experience available!

Thanks to universal design principles being incorporated into PRESi, more people will be able to enjoy the virtual gifting experience while also giving back to worthy charitable causes.

The Elderly TestingThe fun of 3D virtual gifting is not far away and you can enjoy watching the enjoyment it shares with your loved ones, family, friends, work mates or Facebook pals!

The Joy Of Giving

PRESi is sure to share millions of universal smiles around the world as people enjoy the easy 3 step unwrap  experience on their touchscreen iPhone with PRESi soon to be optimised for iPad and other smartphone platforms.

Enjoy giving while also giving back!



Amazing 3D PRESi animation to enhance the fun and enjoyment of virtual gifting!

My development team and colleagues at Buzinga Apps have raised the bar to create something very special with PRESi to enhance the virtual gifting experience and fun for everyone who enjoys purchasing, sending and receiving products and gifts online.

Cellphone PresentPlane Flying In The SkyPRESi will be a unique app with leading technology that will incorporate amazing 3D graphics.

Our App will have its own specially designed dedicated software to simplify the delivery of PRESies without needing to download large graphics files.

The end result will be a quick, easy and fun way to wrap, send and unwrap an endless range of products or gifts that are available online over the internet.

With PRESi, the sky is the limit with the vast range of products and gifts available online!

wrap a carNow it is possible to snap, wrap and send gifts, using the unique 3D technology in PRESi app that was not possible before.

Now you can wrap, send and unwrap a car, a house, a holiday, even news of a new arrival in your family – how special will that be!

With PRESi, the impossible is now possible and hold onto your hats folks, because we have big plans to continually improve PRESi to be at the cutting edge of virtual gifting technology, to share the joy of giving in the new virtual reality and digital age!

By using PRESi for your gifting needs for family, friends and work mates, you will be happy to know that the PRESi team will be contributing back to worthy charitable causes and a more sustainable future, so the more you give, the more we give back, with details to be posted on our website!

We are hoping that what starts locally, will grow globally, similar to Paul Newman and his very successful food product business which started out as a very simple idea but now continually contributes millions to worthy charitable causes.

grow globally

We are hoping that PRESi helps light the way to a better future! Combining your online gifting purchases with the fun and unique 3D PRESi virtual gifting app, together we can help make the world a better place, one gift at a time……virtually!

PRESi – Favourite sayings relating to virtual gifting or giving back – Add yours!

You make a living by what you get… You make a life by what you give! (Sir Winston Churchill)

PRESi –  the app that gives back through the magic of virtual gifting will soon enable you to give a special gift to your family, friends or work mates, while also giving back to the community and worthy charitable causes every month.

A little or large virtual PRESi can not only make someones day who receives your gift on their smartphone or iPad, but the added bonus is knowing that each gift that you give is helping to make a real and direct difference to worthy charitable causes.

We will start locally here in Australia, but it could grow globally – that’s the dream!

 Great things come in virtually any sized  package  – PRESi makes this possible!

If you have some great sayings relating to giving back, simply reply to this post and share your great ideas!


Mystery PRESi Competition Clue!

Do you want a bit of mystery in your life?

Some great guesses for the mystery PRESi have been sent in to – but no winners yet, so it’s time for the next clue.

The mystery PRESi features in an animated movie staring Tom Hanks – any guesses?

The first person to go to the PRESiApp Facebook site, add your like to the post and guess the mystery PRESi will win a FREE e-book from Buzinga Apps about the most important things you need to know about how to develop your own App!


Real-Time Virtual Gifting, Anywhere, Anytime!

Today marks a day in history. Why?

Well, we have all bought something online, right? And we all know that it’s a cheaper and more hassle-free process than going from store-to-store looking for what you really want.  The only problem is…

“How Do You Gift A Virtual Present?”

Yes, we all know the answer by now (all at once) ‘PRESi | Bringing back the gift of giving’ – well done 😉

giving at a distance - the perfect presentSo what makes today such an incredible day?

Today we incorporated a whole new range of gift wraps, inside PRESi, and absolutely FREE to download to see if you like sharing a few PRESies with your friends!

That’s pretty exciting alright.

And with every PRESi that is Snapped, Wrapped And Sent a percentage of the profits go straight to the months nominated charity.

Now that’s an app worth using!